Blender trouble: is UB21.10 Wayland or X11?

Pretty much my question: does Ubuntu Budgie use X11 or Wayland my pal is experiencing some trouble, asking me about what I use. Frankly, my answer was: ?

Budgie Desktop is an X11 based desktop.

Wayland is not an option for budgie currently although it maybe in the future (TBD)

Future: 22.04, or farther out than that? The current trouble is Blender and Onlyoffice (among others) are built for X11 only, and don’t work/display on Wayland. There’s been some talk/work on moving it over to Wayland, but it’s not a speedy process. The last post I saw was for May 2020.

In no way am I suggesting Ubuntu Budgie should help out – HA! I am merely recommending a solution for my pal and his Blender issue. I’ll let him know ASAP - thanks FossfreedomDavid :slight_smile:

ALSO trouble in Arch, it looks. AUR (en) - blender-wayland-git
scroll down to the bottom, looks like it’s still trouble as of Feb 2021 :frowning:

Is Ubuntu 21.10 also X11? Or is it Wayland because it is so tightly knit with the Gnome 40 DE?

Ubuntu 21.10 itself defaults to Wayland

You can (I think) change the session to X11 via the GDM3 login screen.

For Ubuntu Budgie - 22.04 will also be X11. There are no timelines from Solus upstream as to when we will see Budgie Desktop v11 stuff.

:+1:t4: :+1:t4: :+1:t4: thanks FFDavid

thanks for the awesome information.