Wayland Support

Interesting article on The Register, any comment?

Very promising…

our magpie-wm (window manager) running budgie-panel - background picture via swaybg

So decisions decisions decisions … with Plank being X11 only … it will just work for X11 windows but not wayland … or we can use a pure budgie solution to mimic … or we can fundamentally rethink the default layout.

Gosh, personally, I’d hate to loose plank.

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Since budgie panel to dock works well, it might be a good thing for us to focus on that and contribute to our upstream.

Could you not take the code for Plank and re-work a Wayland version? Loosing Plank would be a sad thing for sure.

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'fraid not. magpie is apache licensed. Taking a GPL licensed code from plank will turn it into a GPL licensed project which upstream wont do.

Plank has to remain as a standalone project. Not sure if thats directly possible in a wayland world where external projects outside of the window manager dont have the same ability to interact with application windows. I.e. wayland security prevents external apps the free reign you have on X.

I see, thank you for the explanation of why it is not doable, really appreciate that. Hopefully you guys at Buddies of Budgie will come up with a alternative to Plank, love having a dock.

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Do have a look at dockmode in budgie desktop settings … add the icon tasklist applet to the dockmode panel.

I have used that, not quite the same but it does the trick.

Blockquote dockmode in budgie desktop settings

Not sure I see that option. Do you mean add a new panel on the bottom?
Is it in 22.04?

Yep. Add another panel. Add icon tasklist applet to the panel. Then in panel settings choose dockmode with intelligent hide

OK, I see the option on a new panel. I kicked it around for a few minutes and while its nice its very basic – sort of like the xfce panel. I use a few of the Plank expanded features, most important is the folder capability – see below.

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For gaming wayland is still not an option - too many glitches and performance hit :confused:

I don’t really want to turn this thread into a wayland vs X11 discussion.

From the first post the key takeaway is that X11 is going to slowly fade-away due to neglect IF no organisation steps up to maintain it after Red Hat relinquishes maintenance.

GNOME have signposted X11 begins to be dropped from key components from April GNOME 46 and the aim is to drop entirely all X11 support sooner rather than later - certainly it looks like GNOME Wayland only by the time we hit ubuntu 26.04 LTS.

Similarly KDE are now designating (or close to saying) their wayland session should be the default and we’ll see if/when X11 will be fully deprecated.

With that projects like XFCE, Budgie, Mate etc need to make strategic decisions now. Thus having a two year bedding in period may seem lengthy - but hopefully two years will be enough to close the wayland/X11 gap.


Lets hope it’s matured by then. When I’m using Fedora 39 with wayland there was so many glitches that it hurt to use. :confused:

A folder capability can be achieved in tasks list by creating launchers for folders + eventually « actions » in that desktop launcher.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=PHOTOS folder under Pictures
Exec=xdg-open /home/you/Pictures/PHOTOS

It’s less dynamic but once set…

Thank you, will give it a try.


OK, it’s an extra step but it kinda works.
With Plank, you mouse over the launcher and right-click to see the sub-launchers – very neat in my opinion.

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