Switch to Wayland on 21.04 with Nvidia

I did not find much info on this topic, so decided to post this topic.

Ubuntu 21.04 pushes Wayland: Yeey!
“But why is my system still X11? It should be default, right?”
The shortest explanation: Nvidia

This are the info that I gathered:

  • Nvidia has less resources invested on their Linux driver team
  • Nvidia does not publish (parts of) their drivers for the Linux kernel
  • Nvidia lacks behind the Linux development curve

Now my questions:

  • Can I run Wayland with the Nouveau driver?
  • How can I switch from X11 to Wayland (when Nvidia catches up)?

If I have any incorrect info, let me know

Rather simple. Upstream Solus do not support Wayland and as such no changes have been included in budgie-desktop to allow you to launch a Wayland based budgie session.

As such, Wayland support would initially have to be done outside from upstream.

As to how such an implementation should be done then please let me know!

And basic question : why do you think you’d need Wayland ?