Copy not Case-Sensitive

I’m trying to copy files from one disk to another. It fails with an error something like “there is already a file with that name”.

I know that Linux is case-sensitive and Windows isn’t. The source is Ext4 and the destination is a portable USB disk which is formatted as FAT (32-bit version). Is that the reason? Is there a FAT (64-bit) version and is that the same?
If that’s the case I can easily format the destination disk as Ext4, but I ought to be sure what’s going on first.

Correct - FAT is case insensitive - and when you copy files with that is the same name but have different cases then the copy will fail.

FAT64 actually doesnt exist - think you are referring to exFAT - this is another case insensitive file system.

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Nice to know that I was right, but I’m surprised I haven’t come across it before!
Since I discovered Linux I have not kept up my knowledge of Windows, so I just guessed that there might be a “64” version like with processors :slight_smile: I was probably thinking of NTFS.

Thanks for the usual rapid response.