Focal initramfs fsck? Confirmed

Hi all,

I was customizing last Focal (got from - 2020-03-02 15:25) and I’ve got a never seen before initramfs fsck, so I’ve run original iso and got it again: can anyone explain me why?
Notice: fsck succeeded in both cases, with original iso and with customized one.


No idea. If tomorrows iso behaves the same then it’s a bug I am guessing on initramfs or livecd at a guess. Should then be reported to launchpad.

let’s try tomorrow … hopefully it won’t fsck anything :heart_eyes:

Update: it doesn’t behave this way using “normal” focal iso, it seems to be “budgie-related”

Checked on today’s iso (2020-03-03 15:38): at boot it executes fsck on whole disk, squashfs included


Do you mean that? ^^^

That is now the default - it ensures an ISO downloaded is not corrupt


ah, ok … I didn’t know :grin: I’ve modified /etc/default/grub eliminating “quiet splash” because I prefer looking at what happens during init, so I’ve noticed yesterday for the first time this behaviour and thought it were a bug :innocent:


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