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Creating an application that can be seen in the end of the top panel


Hello, I’m new to the forum(in fact I just created this account like 5 minutes ago) and to the Ubuntu Budgie itself. So I Created a simple pomodoro timer in python. I was wondering if there’s a way to integrate it along with the end of the top panel. If possible I want it to function like the QuickNote. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: I don’t really know where to post this and if there are certain rules in here or if this question was already posted and have an answer.


So basically you want to create a python based budgie-applet that will run your script.

Have a look at https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras/blob/master/budgie-rotation-lock/budgie_rotation_lock.py

Very simple python applet which should be pretty self explanatory.

Place the python file and its associate .plugin file either in /usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/[your folder name] or locally ~/.local/share/budgie-desktop/plugins/[your folder name] (you will need to create this whole path).

Then restart the panel to ensure it appears in budgie-settings applets for you to move it onto your panel. i.e. budgie-panel --replace &


Wow. I didn’t expect the fast reply :smiley: thanks. I really appreciated it. I kinda get the gist of the code but I didn’t understand it fully though I think I can learn this with enough time given. This gave light to my current plan thank you very much :smiley:



if you want, share your code with other and we can test it in our UB machines