Budgie Applets

UbuntuBudgie Team member has been busy crafting budgie applets to enhance everyones user experience of Ubuntu Budgie.
So we are looking for feedback - what do you think about them? What would be useful enhancements?

To try them out make sure you have backports enabled - run budgie-welcome - recommendations
update. Rerun budgie-welcome and click software - budgie applets.

Applets available:

Window Previews
Workspace Switcher Overview
Wallpaper Switcher
Workspace Mover

  • Quicknote : Would be cool if it could synchronize between several computers but QuickNote does the job, I like it…
    Note : BUt because of sync capabilities, i use more the Firefox " note add on "
  • Show time : I have 2 monitors, would be cool if I could choose in which monitor it shows time or on both ?

re sync - Yeah - I discussed that with Jacob who developed Quicknote. We concluded there wasnt a really easy way to-do this without adding lots of complexity. e.g. peer to peer sync - or central site. introducing secure communication etc etc.

Show time - excellent idea - please can you raise an issue here? https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras/issues … even better - it is python based stuff so any help coding this would be great especially as (myself) I dont have a multi-monitor setup.

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Tks, I must admit some end user request can look simple but when you dig and dig and dig, to make them possible doing it the right way can become way more complex than the end user think.

https://keybase.io/ offer 250 gig of encrypted storage…

If one day you need some place on the clould to Store " STUFF" in a secure way, keybase could help, you should investigate and learn Keybase… Their FileSystem kbfs offer a lot of possibilities to store in a secure way informations on the cloud.

Example : 250 gig of syncronized notes ( or whatever else) , is a lot of notes…

just pointing Keybase their platform could make some of your project possible.

I myself use keybase. I think if we were looking for a method to support sync… I think the way to go would be just to allow the files to be stored in a custom location. And more importantly it should support markdown. Then that way people could place their files in any location, the data is completely portable to another system as well as giving the end-user the ability to use third-party sync systems like nextcloud, seafile or syncthing. This also allows us as the developers not to take on the maintenance of a synchronization system.


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that’s an excellent suggestion. @jfbourdeau please can you raise an issue here https://github.com/ubuntubudgie/budgie-extras with a request to somehow (dunno how) to save the quicknote file to a custom location. Then things like keybase or dropbox etc can be used to sync.

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Weather app will not install (tried a few times yesterday and again today);
Showtime was removed yesterday, re-installed and removed and re-installed again today, but still not showing.

The weather app is something we are aware with. It just needs a recompile due to the latest changes that happened in the last week or so. @bashfulrobot is dealing.

For show time please can create an individual topic?

I’d opt for custom location as well. Just a quick shot idea: maybe it could be patched to the “online accounts” feature as there is Nextcloud available already?

Well the thing is, once you have the nextcloud client setup… All you have to do is target the Notes applet into a folder within your sync hierarchy. Keeps it kind of simple.

weather applet should now be available. Note - I have reported the following upstream - the location field sometimes stops changing. very odd

raised an enhancement request on our issue tracker https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras/issues/66

If anyone has any python knowledge please dive in - should be a fairly simple change hopefully.

I didn’t mean the Nextcloud client itself (which is a totally fine way as well) but the “Online Accounts” feature in system settings which offers some kind of virtual folder located at davs://… being accessible from Nautilus.

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Quicknote - thanks to team member Jacob - now has the ability to save to a custom location so you can save to your cloud folder location.

Cheers Jacob!


Will be made available as soon as I can confirm testing/cut a release/upload


Cool ! Will be able to save it on keybase kbfs or dropbox

Feature Request : Would be cool if we could enlarge the window… But it’s ok like it is ( it’s just a quick not tool that does what it has to do… The only thing I wanted was that new option to save notes on a safer place…

If not access at the same time, I suppose 2 different computer could use that same path ? (to be able to access the same notes ?


it will update by itself in one of the following updates ?
Just tried to remove and add again the applet…

… when I’ve finished testing and uploaded you’ll get it as an autoupdate. In theory 2 computers sharing the same path should be ok - I’ll include that as part of my testing.

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Hi jfbourdeau, you can indeed store it in the cloud, and use it on different computers. It is not meant to use (meaning: edit) at the very same time, but since the applet refreshes the content from the file on popup, This should in theory only be an issue if you edit on different computers exactly at the same time.

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Wow, that’s huge… Big change to my workflow and where I jot things as a result. You’re just so rocking these Budgie applets!!

Two applet suggestions for the future, if able or interested:

  • A text expander applet, like I guess the Mac has (I’ve never used Macs) or like the Chrome extension, but for the desktop.
  • A coverflow-like Alt-tab experience.

Again, thanks! Keep 'em coming…