Desktop showtime applet immovable?

For some reason, the date on desktop showtime applet gets cut off on laptop monitor (secondary, external monitor is default) so only time is really visible.

Laptop settings don’t give much flexibility.

Would be nice to have this app movable like a KDE widget.
Just sayin’

May me it can help


Sorry guys - meant to move this into a new category. Kind of flubbed it. Ignore the open/close posts.

You can indeed position the applet from Budgie settings > pick the panel it is running from > Pick the applet “Desktop time and date”. There you can set colors / what to show / the position of the time & date on your desktop.

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Thank you for the tip vlijm!
For whatever reason, after installation, the conky was moved and the date was chopped off the screen.
It’s good to know that position etc. can be changed since it solved my issue.

Btw, is there a special choice of numbers to change the position?
Have tried a few different ones and time and date keep showing up at same place (top left corner).

Not sure if understand correctly


The x: 1200 and y: 700 correspond to the position of the time & date on your desktop (px from top left). After pressing OK, the applet restarts on the new position.

Thread is a bit old here, but issue is similar.

After a long hiatus… decided to try again with present 20.04 beta.
Hopefully with a bit more perseverance this time!

Anyway, after changing wallpaper, noticed a nice clock with date in huge fonts.
Nice, but would like to re-position.
Just can’t find the setting.

  • Go to Budgie Desktop Settings -> pick the panel from Panels -> Applets
  • Then select the ShowTime Applet, then in “Position & Anchor”
  • Uncheck Automatic, click “Drag Position”
  • While pressing the Super button, drag the time on your desktop to where you want it.
  • Click “Save Position” in de settings window and you’re done

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@vlijm - thanks! :sweat_smile:

Was so focused on trying to find a clock somewhere, just couldn’t see “showtime”.
Must have spent at least 15 min. (if not more).