Moving applets budgie show time

Hello, unfortunately I have a trouble for moving this on the down right to left side? It’s possible used with the mouse & the keyboard ? Which touch on keyboard…I try, I try without success . My good choice are not used ?? I have follow what can I do ! I don’t have lucky for result positive ! I see what can I do in parameter like this :upside_down_face:

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To move it to the left:

  • Un-check “Automatic” (“Automatique”)
  • Press “Glisser pour positioner”
  • Press Super key (keep pressed) and drag the time display to where you want it.
  • Press (the French translation of) “Save position”
    …and you’re done.

P.S. You might also want to set the anchor on bottomleft, which means text will extend to topright, and set text to left-align.

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Whaou ! can you explain to me where is the “Super key” what is his place on the keyboard? here is now where is “ShowTime” on down side right…Impossible to moving on left side… To be honest I never see like this !!

My second screenshot I show where are the first ex-position …down side…

Super key is the Windows key. SImply uncheck Automatic, keep the Super key pressed and drag, press Save to save.

Incredible but true !
Since 5 second hurra hurra ! ! ! I have find it this stupid touch this one applets are now at the right side Ouf ! My god ! ,I have my keyboard since ten years ! I used de times in times with the touch “windows” not SUPER I’m sorry …I used the OS free since 15 years with now +/- 15 OSs very different . it’s incredible to forget just this stupid touch ! Now I go directly to cemetery ! It’s better for me ? No ? c u s :nauseated_face: :cold_face: :joy:

Just a question : what is the purpose of the four dots in square ? I thought it was to « automatically » position the clock in one of the corner of the screen but I can’t see any « immediate » effect ?

Bon bah tu as la même réponse en français sur l’autre forum, quasi en même temps !

It sets the anchor of the displayed time, the point where the time display is pinned to your desktop. When size changes, e.g. when time or date text changes length or size, text box size will alway extend to, or shrink from the opposite of the set anchor. Just change the anchor and play with text size and it’ll be clear.

All clear :wink:

Might miss a « centered » anchor then ? Or a center text alignment ?

Hello every one, my only not understood are because my english are not perfect. just for this touch windows user by anyone that’s all… sorry c u s :upside_down_face:

No worries! You should hear my French :slight_smile:

Okey see you soon :rofl:

Thanks for this topic. Informative read. One question I have is looking at the applets, what is the purpose of moving Showtime up or down the scale. Doesn’t seem to matter. I understand the Super+Drag position, just not the applet placement.

Yes indeed, the showtime-applet placement inside panel list has no consequence, because that applet does not display any icon in actual panel.

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Hello, every one
It’s necessary inform you I have in my 4 hard-disk, +/- 12 OSs free. For example debain or MXlinux or emmabuntus D3 any other OSs installed ! In every I don’t have for install “source-list” free or no free & add ! But another repository no acceptable with ubuntu-budgie. this is my question, it’s OK to joint this one or conky-manager specificly**(it’s not absolutely necessary**)… I have read the text for "conky"on ubuntu-one where I’m also member , thank you Coeur noir. Many thanks for yours answers

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Hi my trouble are resolved in first , but I can find how put it in resolved ? My second question are not right pla

ce sorry ,

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This marks the post as resolved

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resolved … I suppose are like this ?
For me to be honest, ! when I would like my post are OK I reopen my first post and I typing on the line (résolved) before the subject… I hope my post are OK or not :rofl: :upside_down_face: