How to get ShowTime on second monitor?

Super new to Budgie, and was trying to get the ShowTime applet to appear on my second monitor. If I go into the Desktop Settings and Drag Position it to the monitor and save it, it immediatly snaps back to the other monitor. I’ve tried checking “On all monitors” and it seemingly doesn’t do anything.

Welcome and thank you for posting! Like you, I tried setting showtime on all monitors, but it failed to my surprise. Then I ran wmctrl -lG (listing windows) to find out the secundary time display is on exact same position, hence you won’t notice.
I will look into it to see what is going on. It used to work fine.

Alright! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Found the issue in the meantime. What U.Budgie version do you use?

Budgie Version 10.6.4
Ubuntu 22.10
Another thing of note, I managed to get the time over to the second monitor, it only works on the left though. And I managed to move the weather applet over as well. But when the PC starts it doesn’t load them up, upon refreshing the desktop they’ll appear but if I close the terminal window they vanish again.

Edit: I seemed to have got it to work by having the refresh desktop command run at system startup.

yep - known issue and has been fixed already. This is another one where we should consider doing a stable-release-update for both 22.04 and 22.10

With the fix, no more tricks are needed :slight_smile: Issue was caused after an edit in the past to make the window disappear by signal if the applet is removed from the panel. As a result of incorrect (position) arguments, the window popped into the exact same position as the one on the main screen.

The fix will come to you after an update (sru) or, if you have the extras daily ppa enabled, in one or two days.