Would be cool to be able to decide on which screen Applets show up?

I often time watch a movie on my right screen " FULL SCREEN MODE" then hiding all TOP PANEL APPLETS

And I work on the left screen

As the movie takes all the space on the right screen, I don’t see my Time Applet, notifications and all other applets from the TOP PANEL applets.

For me to be able to have applets on both screen or choose the screen, would be cool

I don’t know how complicate it could would be to CODE that.

I KNOW I just have to watch the movie on the left screen ! LOL Then making the right screen TOP PANEL’S applets visible…

This will need upstream changes. The panel only shows on the primary monitor.

I terms of the time on the desktop you can change it’s position via budgie settings - panel - desktop time and date applet. There is a custom x and y position where you can alter where the applet appears.

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