After updating to 20.04, Showtime position moves to upper left corner on restart

After updating to 20.04, Showtime position moves to upper left corner
on restart.

Btw Dear, Fresh Install Is Great I Dont Like Upgrade… :sweat_smile:

Have a look at this thread Moving applets budgie show time
Did you « save » the position ?

@FireBird9 it’s not a bad piece of advice BUT it’s not always a solution.

@Coeur-Noir Yes Sir, You Are Right.

Not a single explanation for it, nor heard of anything similar, what version did you upgrade from, What is your monitor setup, single, multi? Did you ever install an experimental version? Did upgrade finish without errors?

Right - I have updated from 19.10 like two days before release. I could not wait for the new menu :slight_smile: Maybe something was broken. The position cannot be changed via radiobutton, can be dragged and saved, but this does not survive reboot.

But removing and adding the applet via apt did not help. Maybe the problem is not in showtime but somewhere deeper.

I checked the source and found the config in dconf. Using the radiobuttons does change the position in dconf (but to rather low numbers, compared to what I would expect from the numbers I get by manual dragging), but does not move the clock. I can drag and save, that moves the clock. But it does not survive reboot.

Verdict: probably something is wrong with screen representation and probably has nothing to do with the applet itself. Other apps show just fine, but I noticed the logout dialog does pop up somewhere in the upper left quadrant instead of in the middle.

And no, I will not reinstall everything again … :smiley:

Single or multi monitor?
What does dconf say about xposition/yposition when in topleft?
Important one in case you have multimonitor setup: where do you have the panel and/or Plank?

Single monitor.

dconf retains correct xposition and yposition, but the applett still draws at 0,0 after reboot / relogon.

Topleft xyposition is 0,0 in dconf.

Bottomright is 316,161
but it does not redraw on the radio button selection / the clock does not move

if I drag and save it moves says 1315,679 in dconf, I moved to bottom right.
If I select bottomleft again it subtracts the 316 - goes to 999,679. But it does not redraw.

All I can think of is a corrupted dconf database, which happens sometimes on upgrade.

To find out, rename the directory ~/.config/dconf, immediately log out and back in. This forces the creation of a new database. You’ll lose all custom settings though. If it doesn’t fix, reverse the procedure.

That did fix it, thank you!

Happy that it is fixed!