Crow Translate popup windows disappears

Hi there,

First of all, let me thank you, guys, for this great product. It’s exactly what i’ve been searching for: it works, does not freeze and contains all necessary applets!
I have made absolutely the same configuration for Gnome Shell and it’s completely buggy and unstable!

However, i’ve got one problem with the application Crow Translate (, it’s a popup window which can translate/pronounce text via Google Translate (exists as deb

It works perfectly everywhere, but on the Budgie desktop the window pops up and immediately disappears, if i use a shortcut “Translate selection”. If i open the window manually via tray icon, then it works without any problem.

Not sure what to check and change to make it work.

Thank you.

Maybe invoke the app with a shell command e.g.

sh -c "theappexe"

Or use a sleep statement

sh -c "sleep 5 && theappexe"

Thank you. Actually, i meant it does not disappear at all, it works in the background. But when i try to invoke it by shortcut, the window appears and immediately disappears.

I recorded a video where i try to invoke it by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-E shortcut.
I also opened the window manually and then it worked until i closed it.

I’ve just checked it again and found one more details: after first start up the popup window appears without any problem after first pressing Ctr-Alt-E. But all other attempts behave as i described about - immediately disappears.

Here the link to the video:

Hmmm… did you raise an issue on the projects issue tracker? Any feedback there?

Not yet, because it happens only on Budgie. Also tried all option in the settings, regarding Windows behavior, nothing helped.
Will report to the application author. I suppose he will not be able to test it.

Just found that when i remove the applet Budgie Pixel saver, this applications works correctly.
Tried to change all Pixel Saver options, nothing helped. Only removing the applet helps.
So what can we do with this? Any ideas?

Thank you.

Sounds like an enhancement is needed with pixel saver to have the ability to blacklist certain apps from working with the applet.

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yes, you are right. there are lots of applications with floating popup windows and it seems all of them will have problems.

So no workarounds for now? only disable Pixel Saver?

I can’t think of a workaround until pixelsaver gains support for “floating popoup” windows and/or a blacklist support.

Might be interesting mini project for someone who wants to delve into a bit of coding.

Can it be related to the fact crow is a Qt app ?

Maybe something to change in :

( should I worry about the warning ? )

That’s just styling.

That’s what the developer answered:

Thanks for the report, but I think that the problem in Pixel Saver applet. Pop-up window will disappear if it loses focus. So, it looks like the applet causes window focus to lose for a second. I can’t fix this :frowning:

Thx for the feedback.

Should i contact the Pixel Saver applet author about this? This issue should be fixed somehow.

The original pixelsaver author is long gone. We have a fork just to ensure it works with later versions of Ubuntu Budgie.

There is a big however - or opportunity - any enhancements need to come from the community. I am only ensuring there is a working version for each new UB version.


I’ve just tried to add some code to the applet (hardcoded this application’s name ) and it seems to work.
That was not hard. Actually, i’m not familiar with Vala language, so if someone helped we would be able to add a whitelist for this applet.

What’s the code you have been playing with?

I did this just to check whether it would work.
I checked the applet’s code and added simple changes with hardcoded application name. To add a whitelist, we have to add new option, add it to the UI and then just check each new active window against this list and if the application name in the list, then ignore it.

Here is the simple patch for my problematic application:


Think if the key bit the application string check is picked up from GSettings ( add a new key something like

<key type="as" name="blacklist">
      <summary>wmclass array of blacklisted apps </summary>
      <description>Array of applications that pixel-saver should not work with</description>

Then grab that as a string array in the pixelsaver constructor

string[]? applets = settings.get_strv('blacklist');

Then can check if any class name is in the applets array - if yes then don’t do stuff - otherwise just do pixel related functionality.

Probably doesn’t need to be a separate “crow” function if done this way.

So this is for pixel-saver.

Any chance it might work the same in global-menu-applet ( to exclude Firefox and Thunderbird for example ) ?