Two small issues: Sticky applet-window & missing shutdown button

Hi there
I’m struggling with two small issues here. First the “popup menu für usb drives”-applet is stuck on my screen - it’s showing my usb-drives, but I can’t close the applet-window. How can I restart this without logging out?
Second: Where has my shutdown button gone? In the raven menu I can only log out.

Do make sure you have the “User Indicator” applet in your panel so that you can logout/restart/suspend etc.

Not sure what you mean by “Stuck to the screen” - it is just a popup so clicking anywhere will make it lose focus and automatically close the popup.

Hello fossfreedom - first one’s cleared, user indicator applet was what I missed - thank you!

The second one, as you describe it, is the normal behaviour of the applet and it works most of the time. But this little popup window is sometimes sticking to my window - then I can’t close it and it won’t lose focus. I even tried to delete the applet in that session - the popup still sticking to the window. After a logout everything was alright again. So far this is the only applet-popup that’s acting strangely from time to time. This doesn’t happen everytime, but when it does I wondered if I really have to log out and in again or if there was some kind of terminal-command to restart the panel.

Please raise an issue here and we will work with you to identify what is causing your observation.

The terminal command to restart the panel is

nohup budgie-panel --replace &

Hi streety, you would really be of great help to us if you restarted the panel with the command above, and see what error message the terminal shows if the issue occurs. Also: is there any specific action or event that might be connected to the issue?

Thanks, fossfreedom and hello vlijm - I’ll try it next time the problem is around. It didn’t happen every time, but I think it was after connecting a usb-stick.
Error occurred after connecting one of my usb-sticks:
$ nohup budgie-panel --replace &
[1] 9151
nohup: ignoriere Eingabe und hänge Ausgabe an ‘nohup.out’ an

You can safely ignore that error.

Ok - and thanks again!

Hi Streety, quick question: are you on 18.04 or 17.10?

Hi vlijm, I’m on 17.10.

@streety we now have a test PPA with hopefully a fix.

Please can you test with it for a week?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/testdropby
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Once you’ve finished you can purge the ppa:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/testdropby

Please do not upgrade though to 18.04 with that PPA - you’ll need to purge the PPA first.

Please let us know how you get on and if the sticking window has now been fixed.


Hi fossfreedom. No more incidents after adding the mentioned ppa - thanks a lot!

This still happens to me with the DropBy applet running on 18.04.

I’m also noticing some other quirks with the panel for which I’m searching these forums; I’ll post another thread if I can’t find anything rather than hijacking this one.

yep dropby is known - need to complete the Stable Release Update process for this and other applet tweaks. Aim to-do this before the 18.04.1 release at the end of July.