Applet Icon stuck (frozen) on panel

I activated the option to hide my panel, when it does an applet icon gets stuck, it keeps showing on all windows and if the panel appears the frozen icon is drawn over other applets icons.

I did many tweaks to my desktop, from themes to new applets so I’m not sure when this started.
If I go to budgie desktop then move my panel location to the button then to the top again the frozen icon disappears but I don’t want to do this every boot.

I’d like to put more images but I can only upload a single screenshot for now.

The icon in question is the second one, it draws over the network icon and shows on every window.
Screenshot from 2020-02-06 20-58-06

The system tray applet is known upstream to be buggy. No one hasnt found a solution as yet.

My suggestion is to remove the system tray applet from your panel. Replace the network tray icon with the network manager applet available through Menu - budgie applets.

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There is some kind of workaround by adding a command “killall budgie-panel” in autostart.