Wifi System Tray issue

So my little wifi icon was normal at first. Then it turned into where it looked like it was trying to show traffic? And then it turned into where it just looked like a blob.

After a little while I noticed a second machine had the same issue. So on mine I removed the system tray applet. I figured if I removed it and then added it back it would be fine.

Well, so far it has looked like a wifi icon since. But I can’t put it back where it was. When I added it back it came with a bunch of additional space on the right side of it? I have checked and it is not separators or spacers in the panel that I can remove.

I tried a few more times removing it and putting it back to no avail. One of the times every time I moved it right it gained a space, lol,

Right now it is camping out over on the right end of the left side where the menu is until I can figure something out. It has continued to look fine like a wifi icon since, no wierd blob or anything.

What would cause this big space to it’s right side?
Is there a way to just reset the panel to default on my machine?

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Thank you for the quick reply.

I did not realize the wierd blob thing was two things trying to display in the same space.

I like the Network applet much better. Much better not in that it just fixes my issue, but the menu is better as well.

The network drop down in the system tray applet was seriously lacking in comparison to the one I saw in Fedora 31 which I guess is Gnome 3.34 stuff?

I really like this Budgie desktop environment in that it offers all of this customization and with previews and hot corners I get that functionality too, without having an app drawer looking thing like a tablet on my laptop. And ultimately I am on it because my kid likes the customization without having to add all of the Gnome extension stuff, and I need to be her tech support. So Budgie works out for both of us well.

But as a random thought in this, my interest is peaked as far as where Ubuntu Budgie will go in the future as Gnome continues that path.

Thanks for the link to the fix!