Issue with System Tray applet

Hello! I am new to Ubuntu Budgie (switched after a long time on vanilla Ubuntu), and I have noticed a small bug that I am not able to find a workaround for. When I add the System Tray applet to my top panel, at first it appears just fine in the ‘Center’ section of the panel, like so (to the right of the temperature in the middle):

Then when I move it to a different region of the panel, the Wi-Fi indicator gets oddly separated from the rest of the icons included in the applet, pictured here (to the right of CPU Temp on the left side):

This effect stacks the more you move it in between sections, but it doesn’t happen when you move it around between applets in the same panel. For example, after moving it back and forth between Start and Center a couple of times, the Wi-Fi symbol is so far away that it’s almost in the next section over. I would post a picture of this too, but new users are only allowed 2 images per post unfortunately.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Restarting my machine, deleting the panel and remaking it, and other things I’ve tried don’t solve it. Thank you for the help!

Hi there so System Tray is after the End section (towards the bottom)?? The spacer and separator could have bearing on this property too. Here is how mine is arranged: