Wifi Applet 19.10 Development

After updates on 7/26/19 the wifi applet has a black box around it and the icon is distorted regardless of theme or icon set. How would one troubleshoot this?Screenshot%20from%202019-07-26%2015-16-30

Known issue upstream. Restart the panel or logout and login.

Personally I use the network applet from budgie applets rather than this old network manager system tray app.

I removed the system tray applet and added the network applet. Work around complete! Restarting the panel removes the black box, but doesn’t help the icon appearance . :slightly_smiling_face:

Probs an issue with your icon theme (Papirus?) then. I also use Papirus with the network applet, no issues. Try the Pocillo icon theme, please…

This is no longer a problem and I don’t care for the Pocillo icon theme.

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