[UB20.10] Network applet wrong WiFi icon when disconnected

I find the network applet uses the wrong WiFi icon when the WiFi is disconnected. It instead shows a full-signal-strength connected icon. This is consistent across icon sets and is confusing to the user, eg:

The expected icon would be what GNOME uses, eg:

This is a small fix that will improve the user experience; if someone can let me know what/where to edit/patch, I can test the fix and prepare a pull request.

Thanks guys!

Guessing this must be related to your hardware because when Iā€™m disconnected from wifi I see the normal disconnect network icon.

This did turn out to be the La Capitaine icon theme; my apologies for the noise!

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Please raise an issue on the issue tracker for that icon theme so that it can be fixed. Just sounds like a symbolic link is missing to the network disconnect icon.