Network Applet - dual icons

I am testing 20.04 on a wireless system. I have the Budgie network applet installed but there is another icon in the panel. I think something needs to be deleted but can’t find the reference to it :frowning:

I am guessing you have the system tray applet as well as the network manager applet … or you have added two network manager applets.

The default is not to use the buggy system tray applet.

If you must use it, then remove the network manager applet from your panel.

… or you have upgraded from 19.10 and you still have the 19.10 network package installed I.e. need to remove the budgie-network-applet package

… not to use the buggy system tray applet

That’s what I figured, will write it down so I will not forget :slight_smile: