Ubuntu Budgie applets messed up after suspend

I let my notebook on overnight and it entered in suspended mode automaticaly ( I know that suspended mode is problematic in Linux) and for some reason it messed up all my applets in the top bar.
If I insert a new applet and try to move it to a position it moves but the position goes wrong.

I will probably need to reset the hole environment.

I do not know if it messed other thing yet. I hope I do not need to reinstall.

any sugestions, test or other things you would like?

hmm - I have seen various issues upstream reported. Its one of these it occurs 1 time out of a 10000 issues.

It really needs someone to dig into the code once they have a messed up panel to find out what is going wrong with the logic.

The usual reply from upstream is to reset your panel

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

Since this is my daily driver i will reset the environment and see how it goes.

This is probably something on the moment the suspesion is saving the environment configuration that is not reading correctly how the variables and all the things that need to be saved.
thanks for the quick reply