Budgie Top Panel settings lost after reboot

Hey, the contents of budgie-top-panel was lost when i did a reboot yesterday. When I go into desktop-settings and top panel, 90% of the entries are missing. Even the clock. So IDK what happened but it sucks. I’d appreciate if there was an export function so I could back it up in case of this happening again.

There isn’t a way to “export” perse ( that I’m aware of). But you can reset the panel to defaults with the nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace & command.

Keep in mind this will remove all panel customizations.

Thanks it did the trick. Luckily the applets still retain their individual configs.

There seems to be a bug with some applets, when they are added to the panel and there is no internet connection, the panel freezes along with the budgie-desktop-settings app.

Can you pin down which applets are having issues with no network?

It seems to be the system monitor applet (i have two different ones with the same name installed). I think it was the feature that’s polling for the external IP address that timed out. However I could not replicate the issue last time I tried.

Some strange behaviour occured on my machine under UB 19.10 right now.
After logging in there was no desktop visible, just a black screen with (movable) mouse pointer. So I forced a shutdown via powerswitch and booted again. This time the desktop showed up, but the top panel was empty except for time and date showing in the center of the panel. bashfulrobots command line did the trick and restored my applets.

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I’m glad it worked out for you!