Top panel suddenly blank

Well, almost blank. It has weather and a volume icon.

This is the second time I’ve lost my customisations, so my first question is how can I make a backup?

Re the problem itself, it seems to occur when I was swapping my secondary monitor for a new model. I hot-swapped HDMI and the desktop went completely blank - background image only. No panel or menus

On reboot my top panel was changed to lose my customisations. However my bottom panel and dock (set to left side) were all intact as I had customised them, but top panel is empty.

How can this be made more stable?

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Well you’ve found a bug and that will need to be resolved.

Thanks, I’ve made a dconf backup.

Re the bug - I’m not a developer.

Just happened again. Very frustrating. All my settings lost. Can’t even log out using GUI.

So what is the process for getting this fixed?

Today the same happens to me, it was the first time.

The process to getting a fix is to find out how to reproduce the issue.

Without reproducibility there is no chance of a fix.

Right. The workaround I suppose is a simple bash script launched on login. What this would do is dconf dump into a temporary file. Then run a diff between this and your backup.

If it finds a difference throw up a message box asking whether to reload from backup.


Could you introduce a logging method?

I have a dconf backup script already, so I was able to restore.)

More than happy to look at anything that the community creates and proposes.

I’m a consumer.

I can tell you the engine is broken but I have no capacity to fix it :slight_smile: