Start-menu is gone?

This is the second time its happened in 3 months. The last time I did a fresh install. I still have my Dock with the Terminal. Any suggestions? Is there a command line for this? I’m running 20.4LTS. I’m writing this on my back-up PC. Thanks for any help.

This only happens if there is corruption in the GNOME gsettings database - usually caused by forcing a power off at some point/power cut/system crash

To reset your panel:

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

N.B. there is a command line method to backup and restore your modified panel settings as described here:

Thank you 4 the quick reply… I was already able to fix most everything. The only thing now missing is the on/off button. Not tragic, more of an inconvenience; already figured out how to Exit. Also it would be nice if I could get the “Apps/Messages” and “Raven” to open on the right-hand side. Any suggestions?

Thats the user-indicator applet

For budgie 10.5.2 placing a left panel will result in a left raven placement. For budgie 10.5.3 this is now configurable - 10.5.3 will be in 21.10

Thanks… I was able to do everything with the “Budgie Desktop Einstellungen” GUI… not sure what that is in English? Actually it’s pretty easy if you know where to go. (I was able to find “some” information on YouTube) This was possibly the result of an update… no proof just speculating. I logged in as usual… the Budgie-Wallpaper came up with everything else “absent” from the screen. I waited and then did a reset. I logged in again and the Dock was there, but no Start-menu. The rest you know. I just hope this doesn’t happen too often… well, I can live with once a month… :slight_smile: Thank you again 4 your help!

Budgie Desktop Settings :wink: