Missing settings panel, keyboard shortcuts not changing, terminal not opening, bad icon grid

So, a few days ago I installed Ubuntu Budgie 21.10 on my PC after testing the environment on Ubuntu (I know, sounds pointless but I’d been meaning to upgrade from 20.04 LTS and clean up anyway). Now I’m experiencing a few small problems, but they’re inconvenient enough for me to need to solve them.

Problem 1: There’s a missing settings panel. On my earlier installation there were two settings options available from the right-click menu on the desktop. The Budgie desktop environment settings and something else I’m unable to translate since I’ve never used any Linux in pure english. The missing settings panel looks like this:

I haven’t changed anything in this case. It just isn’t there.

Problem 2: Keyboard shortcuts are impossible to change. I’ve read some of the topics about changing the keyboard shortcuts so I am aware that changes in the system settings (gnome settings I believe) have no effect on the system.

But I Googled and stumbled upon these threads:
Screenshot shortcuts not working (by default?) - #5 by zilexa
How can I change the default keybinding for the Super key?
and tried the dconf program. On Ubuntu with Budgie installed from terminal it worked. On Budgie distro it didn’t. In fact it’s broken so bad now that I can’t take screenshots at all. I’ll gladly welcome a solution, had any come up in the past months.

Problem 3: I removed the Tilix terminal and installed the Hyper terminal. I tried what I found on the topic but now it’s impossible to bring up terminal from the right-click menu at all. No matter which terminal I set as default. I don’t know what about launching scripts. Sources:
command line - Is it possible to set Hyper as the default terminal? - Ask Ubuntu
Change default terminal to hyper and in right click menu 'open tilix here' as tilix is having rare bug of not able to type something after sometime

Problem 4: Icons do line up in a grid but unequal spaces are allowed. I’d like to change that to work like in Zorin - so that icons could only sit on the screen in the middle of their own squares in the grid without the ability to move around a few pixels.

I’d really love not to reinstall again and be forced to get all the packages I need manually again because I haven’t made an installation script yet. Thank you for your patience in reading the problem descriptions. I just thought that detailed descriptions and references to sources could come in handy to others in the future.

If installing some other distro and putting Budgie on top of it turns out to be the only solution - what distro would you recommend to me that allows for the greatest degree of customization? I’m an eye-candy guy, I love good-looking interfaces. And don’t like tinkering too much (Ubuntu-flavours’ amounts are tolerable tho).

Right. I think you are sufficiently messed up you need to get back to a stable state. This means a complete reset.

Lets reinstall budgie-desktop-environment

sudo apt install --reinstall budgie-desktop-environment

Next reinstall tilix

sudo apt install --reinstall tilix

Lets check you have nemo installed

sudo apt install --reinstall nemo

Finally lets delete all of your existing dconf settings … this will reset everything including your panel. Reboot immediate afterwards

rm --rf ~/.config/dconf
reboot --

Remember when making changes do things step by step. Logout and login and making changes and test them out before proceeding to the next change.

Thanks. It fixed the terminal (which still I don’t want to be Tilix) but that’s just about it.

The settings panel I’m missing never existed in this installation in the first place, so I don’t know what to do with that problem. The icons don’t align properly out-of-the-box also. And screenshots still don’t work.

I’ll just reinstall the basic Ubuntu after 22.04 LTS gets released and install Budgie manually.
Thank you for your time.

We do not support budgie on top of gnome-shell since gnome-shell breaks budgie.

Screenshots work out of the box on 22.04.

And yes, nemo setttings you need to use the right click customise option and unclick autoarrangr to place icons in a grid

gnome-shell breaks budgie

If we’re thinking about the same thing - it actually worked better when I had that setup earlier.

nemo setttings

I wasn’t talking about Nemo though. I ment on the desktop. Nemo is all good, but thanks for the tip.

For budgie we use nemo for managing the background

Mmm… but the desktop-grid in Nemo is not enabled by default, I think.

You first have to enable it through dconf-editor in
and set true as value.

Using customise and turning off autoarrange does the same thing.

What or where is « customise » ?

I’m still on 20.04 where I always had to first enable grid in dconf before being able to find any right-click option related to it from the desktop view.


Ok ! It’s « personnaliser » in my language… and I can confirm this entry shows up only after enabling grid in dconf/Nemo on 20.04.