Issues after update from 19.10 to 20.04

Hi. guys.
I have some issues after update, and I looking for solution (with community help, I suppose) to fix it:

  1. I lost Super + L shortcut to desktop screen lock (Ctrl+Alt+L do not work anymore too) ant Ctrl+Alt+T for console. I’ve tried to change it in Keyboard settings - but no effect.
  2. I can’t change default theme of widgets and icons theme (‘Yaru’ I suppose) in Budgie Desktop -Settings -> Style, of course I select ‘Radiance’ and nothing.
    Would you kind to help me, and give advice to fix it? I have no idea, how to use Dconf to change parameters to fix THAT issues.

Does Super by itself open the menu? Do you by any chance have two keyboard layouts - one english and another that is not english? If yes - this is a known issue that GNOME devs are currently investigating.

Re the style. Does changing to the default Pocillo, Arc or QogirBudgie styles work?

Yes, it works.

Yes, I have another one layout.

Solid copy

Negative, I see more then 20 themes, I can select all of them, but nothing happen.

Re the style issue - please create another account and login - can you change styles with that?

Just wondering if its localised to your current account or is a system wide issue.

I’ve made another sudo user, reboot, and I have the same situation.

I’ve resolved one bug.

sudo nano /etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

But, I still can’t change it from Desktop settings menu, and still no shortcuts.