Unable to change icon themes

hello, new to Budgie… I had a Xubuntu 22.04 installation which was crashing frequently, so I uninstalled Xubuntu - I left the Ubuntu “base” as I had lots of data and other settings configured - and installed Budgie desktop.
While everything seems to be working I am unable to change the icon theme, at the first installation I got some quite ugly high contrast icons (black and white) which I could only change by uninstalling the high contrast icon theme, I think I now have gnome icons, presumably as “fallback” icon theme.

If I go to (I think) Budgie desktop settings (I think it is called this in English, I have a German installation) I can change for example the mouse cursor from black to white (the change showing up immediately) etc but changing widgets and symbols has no effect, even after reboot.

Not sure if this is relevant, when looking at installation guides for Budgie (I am talking about installation of Budgie desktop, on top of Ubuntu - obviously this would not be the situation for a fresh installation) it usually shows during installation a window where one can choose which display manager to use but I never got the choice. Perhaps that choice was not offered during Budgie install because I chose automatic login when I initially installed Xubuntu (with full disk encryption)

Checking which display manager is running on Budgie and it is lightdm.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

SO Sorry - Update, Problem solved for the time being. :upside_down_face: (after trying for ages)

so, I ran dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

to see what happens if I changed to a different display manager , so used gdm3 temporarily. The desktop then looked “interesting” shall I say :thinking:, but then switching back to lightdm I am able to change icon themes and widgets via Budgie desktop settings.

Congrats for finding such an unusual solution. I cant think why reinistalling the logon manager will resolve things.

Possibly there was some sort of permissions issue on your home folder that stopped theming.

If in doubt do create another user account and test that way … at least it will be a nice clean account.