Getting Evopop Theme Icons into Budgie-Ubuntu

I love Budgie-Ubuntu - currently running 19.10
In Desktop Settings - ‘Style’ I can get Evopop in ‘Widgets’ but not in ‘Icons’. I’m reasonably happy with Paper icons but would prefer Evopop. Is there something I can do to get Evopop icons? I’ve tried reinstalling the theme - but to no avail.

Do you mean this project?

The instructions to install are in the README - once installed, logout and login and you’ll see the icons.

Note - the project is labeled “cold-storage” and no-one is maintaining the theme. So its highly likely current apps that have had their icon name changed will not display with the icon theme - you’ll need to modify the icon theme yourself.

Many thanks fossfreedom. Will try

To no avail… But modifying the theme myself is well above my paygrade.
But thanks for the link anyway. It certainly installed - but didn’t appear in the icons dropdown. So it goes…

dont forget to logout and login after installing - it should then appear in the list of icons to use.

Many thanks David. I finally got it in! However - silly me - not quite as pretty as in Budgie-Manjaro, but then, Ubuntu does not have Pamac (doh…)