Set an Ubuntu icon for the apps launcher


IMHO we should have an “Ubuntu” icon for the apps launcher, something like this:

If you want to try my icon (it is transparent), you have it here.

Best regards.

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Hmmm… but that is the logo of the Ubuntu distro. Bit confusing from an identity POV.

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I understand. And the Ubuntu Budgie icon?

Possibly. Logos are here

Updated here.

Changing the Menu Icon in the Budgie Menu, it looks (with transparent) like this:

Just an idea.

Best regards.


Nice icon. I changet it too.

As do I. :slight_smile:

@fossfreedom - maybe in 19.04?

ok - agree. Will be in 19.04.

Not cool. I like the current icon a lot. :disappointed_relieved:
Will it stay as an option in 19.04?

Sure. You can infact change the menu icon to anything you want … there is an menu-icon option in the panel - menu applet.

Remember … this is all subject to feedback between now and release day. So things can and will change


For me it is cool for 3 reasons:

  • Every Ubuntu flavor has it’s own icon for the app menu.

  • A Budgie icon gives own identity.

  • It’s a more nice icon (IMO).

For knowing which icon is better, the best way would be: Try this new icon for few weeks and then, return to the previous icon and check the shock :slight_smile:

Best regards.

For me, the budgie birdie all the way :smiley:


It’s a good idea to have an Ubuntu Budgie icon for the application launcher.

I put the Ubuntu Budgie logo and my desktop now (Ubuntu Budgie 18.10).


But @lynx … that icon is not this one, because that has transparency (important point) :slight_smile:

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This icon I could not find.

From where can I download that icon?
It would be nice to have it about 60% smaller, the circle and the budgies to match the other icons in the Task list.

Our disco version is here ubuntu-budgie-app-launcher.svg

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Thanks. Made it somewhat smaller to match the other icons in the panel.