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Set an Ubuntu icon for the apps launcher



IMHO we should have an “Ubuntu” icon for the apps launcher, something like this:

If you want to try my icon (it is transparent), you have it here.

Best regards.


Hmmm… but that is the logo of the Ubuntu distro. Bit confusing from an identity POV.


I understand. And the Ubuntu Budgie icon?


Possibly. Logos are here


Updated here.

Changing the Menu Icon in the Budgie Menu, it looks (with transparent) like this:

Just an idea.

Best regards.


Nice icon. I changet it too.


As do I. :slight_smile:

@fossfreedom - maybe in 19.04?


ok - agree. Will be in 19.04.


Not cool. I like the current icon a lot. :disappointed_relieved:
Will it stay as an option in 19.04?


Sure. You can infact change the menu icon to anything you want … there is an menu-icon option in the panel - menu applet.

Remember … this is all subject to feedback between now and release day. So things can and will change



For me it is cool for 3 reasons:

  • Every Ubuntu flavor has it’s own icon for the app menu.

  • A Budgie icon gives own identity.

  • It’s a more nice icon (IMO).

For knowing which icon is better, the best way would be: Try this new icon for few weeks and then, return to the previous icon and check the shock :slight_smile:

Best regards.


For me, the budgie birdie all the way :smiley:



It’s a good idea to have an Ubuntu Budgie icon for the application launcher.


I put the Ubuntu Budgie logo and my desktop now (Ubuntu Budgie 18.10).


But @lynx … that icon is not this one, because that has transparency (important point) :slight_smile:


This icon I could not find.


From where can I download that icon?
It would be nice to have it about 60% smaller, the circle and the budgies to match the other icons in the Task list.


Our disco version is here ubuntu-budgie-app-launcher.svg


Thanks. Made it somewhat smaller to match the other icons in the panel.