Add icon themes to 21.04?

I’m curious if I can add new icon themes to the budgie desktop settings drop down menu? I went to the software app and installed Yaru Mate Icons. It says it’s installed but I’m not sure how to select it as it’s not an option in the budgie desktop icon settings menu. Any help?

Dont forget to logout and login after installing any theme or icon debian package

I’ve done that but Yaru is still not an option in the budgie desktop settings icons drop down menu.

If that is what you have installed do look further down - what you have installed is a snap which is only used with snaps - not standard debian based packages. Snap icons do not appear in budgie settings.

Correct that is what I have installed. So I need to find a non snap way to install the icons? Like a ppa? What would be the best way to install the icon theme or is it not compatible with budgie?
Thank you.

So - generally - if you have a tar-ball of icons then extract them into the ~/.icons folder - logout and login and then they will appear in budgie-desktop-settings.

For Yaru-Mate I can’ really help you there since I’m not familiar what Mate have done - where the repository is … and how to build their icons tarball.

Alright, thank you for your help.

Is it not in ~/.local/share/icons instead?

Also, beware that if you launch an app as root (typically Synaptic or gedit), your theme will probably not be applied to those apps.

both .icons and ./local/share/icons will work in budgie


But ~/.local/share/something is generally a better mimic for /usr/share/something

The first is user side, the latter system wide.

Yaru-* .deb packages are in Canonical’s repositories
but those are not the greeny mate ones though.