Name of Budgie Theme App

I have installed Budgie Desktop on top of Linux Mint. With Ubuntu Budgie Distro I had some issues with Wi-Fi and printer, whereas on Mint everything works fine. But I like Budgie desktop very much so I installed it: I choose not to install the complete ubuntu-budgie-desktop meta package to avoid the duplication of various apps, only the Budgie desktop and various applets. Everything is fine but what I miss is the Theme app, which was on Ubuntu Budgie, you know the one that lets you choose a complete theme (widgets + icons) or a layout. I can change widgets and icons from Budgie Settings but I would like the theme app and I don’t know the name of the package on Synaptic, I have installed almost all packages with budgie prefix but can’t find this Theme app. Do you know how I can install it on Mint, is it a .deb package I can install from synaptic or terminal?

The themes app/applets etc is a snap called budgie-welcome.

It can be installed via

snap install ubuntu-budgie-welcome --classic

Just to say - we don’t support Linux Mint - so any issues you may have I would guide you to your appropriate linux mint budgie community.

If you wanted to have a minimal installation that is available directly from our Ubuntu Budgie installer - its just a checkbox there.

Thank you for your answer. This is weird, I managed to install all Budgie Desktop packages via apt, yet for ubuntu-budgie-welcome this is not possible, although it is in the repositories it says that in order to install this package Snap is required. Mint has no Snap by default and I prefer not to install it, so I think I can live without that Theme app, Budgie still works very well and looks great under Mint. Yet I wonder why that only package requires Snap whereas all others are installable via apt.

Welcome is constantly changing with new applets, themes, recommendations, translations etc.

Snap allows us to bring these to all versions not just the latest development version.