un-Snapping Budgie

Found a couple tutorials on how to purge Snap to have an un-Snapped or Snap-free Ubuntu experience.

Just want to confirm that this is also kosher with Ubuntu-Budgie?
I would’ve thought so, given it’s Ubuntu only with a Budgie Desktop but wanted to confirm anyway, just in case there is a known issue doing this on Budgie.


Ah. Its your desktop. Feel free to do want you want!

Budgie welcome is a snap so you will lose that when you uninstall snapd.

Yes, of course, I’m free to break my Desktop to my hearts content but actually trying to avoid that, hence why I thought I’d check and ask. Now, for e.g. I know that the welcome app is a snap and will disappear if I purge Snap.

That leads me to a side-question very much related now.
Firstly, there are too many Settings applications of various kinds for my liking. I end up wasting a lot of time looking for something in one Settings app and then another. I feel it would be more efficient and less confusing for newcomers like me to have one Control Centre.

For e.g. the Layouts and Makeovers to change the Budgie Style - I couldn’t find it until I went back to the Welcome (snap/app) and there it is - the option to change Layouts.
Can I find this configuration option elsewhere, too? I’m concerned now, that if I remove Snap I will lose access to installing layouts and applying the various makeovers that are available?

I’ve purged snap from my system (Ubuntu Budgie 22.04) and had no problems at all. You do lose your Budgie welcome but for me the system is great by default, the default applets, themes are everything I need and the lack of having a Budgie welcome applet does not make a difference in my case.
If we talk about performance with a un-snapped system, I didn’t noticed anything spectacular like a 1 second boot or even better performance. So in reality I think that removing snap is more like a personal choice on trying to have a cleaner system even if we don’t get any benefits from that.

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Thanks, for sharing your experience.

I briefly ran Ubuntu on another machine and thought I could feel a difference in speed launching applications. Once, they were running they seemed fine.

I was writing a response with a question while you had answered and so didn’t see but I think you’ve answered my question. They layouts and makeovers are only available through the Welcome snap/app and so, I would be waving that good bye.

Since, I’m still very new to Budgie and finding my way around I will keep Snap for that reason only. I’ve already changed a layouts a couple times and still have to go through the rest before I finally settle on which I actually really like. Maybe, then, I’ll reconsider removing Snap.

BTW, which is the default layout?

In terms of configuration options … yeah fully agree with you … too much.

Plan for 23.04 is to add buttons to budgie desktop settings to access layouts, panel applets and new in 23.04 raven widgets. Those buttons will open the same welcome screens as their menu counterparts.

So at the very least it will bring budgie GUI access stuff together under one app.

Budgie 11 will bring all config stuff under one app. Thats future plans … no ETA.

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