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Any warning if I remove snapd ecosystem?


I’ll remove the snapd ecosystem.

Is there any issue If I do that, apart the need to reinstall snap packages?
many thanks


snapd is a recommended package - not a dependent package. So it can be removed without issue.

Budgie Welcome/Budgie Applets/Budgie Theme are provided through a snap.


Hi, thanks

So I’ll lose also applets than…that I like!

Not good.

I don’t like the strict confinement.

My system has 4 family users, 3 drives, many mount points and directories.

For istance, using Firefox snap is a pain:

  • no preview of files (url handler doesn’t work), even of a simple pdf
  • download saves the file somewhere away down to /snapd/…
  • no access to files I want to upload

any clou?


For clarification, you will not lose any applets. What David had meant was that there is a snap package for the welcome screen, the applet management aspects within welcome, Etc. You can still install applets through apt, and still manage them through budgie settings.


Ah ok!,
perfect, so I can get rid of snap and still have my customized applet!
many thanks


You can also install snap packages without strict confinement from the terminal.

I believe the command is snap install --classic <package>. I had reinstalled a number of packages that way before I moved all available packages to flathub.


Good clou, many thanks!

The documentation says:

Snaps using this fully open security policy are manually reviewed in the Snap Store and are only allowed on systems where snapd is installed on top of a traditional Linux distribution, as opposed to system booting from an Ubuntu Core image.

If I list the snap packages I have Ubuntu Core, Firefox and Gimp.

Is then Budgie running as an Ubuntu Core image?