Removing snap on Budgie 22.04

Hi everyone!
I’m on the process of removing snap from my installation but I’m being careful to not break anything. I really don’t use any snaps but I’m afraid that the system may need some of them. So my question is:
Does Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 uses any of the default snaps installed as a base package for anything extremely necessary? Or can I completely remove all snap packages?

I’m aware of this post:

But maybe things changed with 22.04… I’m not sure.

There are some of the programs on the system that Canonical has through Snap, one of them is Firefox. Firefox is also available through Flatpak, which runs much better than the Snap version. I prefer to run through Flatpak for as many apps as possible, most apps have both Flatpak and Snap, but there are some that are only on Snap. I have seen that there are at least some apps that Canonical would reinstall through the updates. I have some apps on my system that the Snap version of them is not able to be removed because it claims there are no installation files to remove. A couple of examples of those that I have the issue with are the Steam launcher through Snap and Blender in the Snap version does not want to remove. With the Snap Steam launcher, I can’t get access to my games drive, but through the Flatpak version, I am able to and the same situation with RetroArch. If you are not hurting for space, I would recommend just having the Flatpak versions installed and changing the default apps to the Flatpak version.

It is similar as the linked post in 22.04

snapd is still a recommendation so can be removed. This will remove all snaps including budgie-welcome. You will need to install budgie applets via the command line or use something like synaptic instead.

Budgie Makeovers and Budgie layouts will be removed these are welcome specific. You will need to manage your layouts and makeover customisation yourself after removing welcome.

Thank you very much for your answer.

From ×buntu 22.04, two popular packages are no longer offered as « regular ».deb/APT packages :
⋅ Firefox
⋅ Chromium ( for a few years now. )

Beware the .deb package of Firefox in official Ubuntu/Canonical repositories actually installs its snap version. In other words, in 22.04 :

sudo apt install firefox ±= snap install firefox

You may install Firefox as regular .deb/APT from Mozilla’s team ppa :

↑ steps 3 & 4 are important to prevent system from reinstalling the transitional~deb~to~snap~package and ensure automatic updating of Firefox’s .deb from this PPA.

or « installing » from the autonomous archive officially provided by Mozilla’s website :
[ french, I wrote that page ] firefox_quelques_astuces [Wiki ubuntu-fr]

( second link lacks « installation » : launchers, and setting Firefox as default browser )

Firefox’s binary auto-updates
⋅ if stored inside your $HOME ;
⋅ if stored inside /opt/ with an adequate management of rights and permissions.