Why does installing budgie-welcome display a message to install a snap?

FYI: Open Budgie Applets in Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 via menu:


That only occurs because you have installed the budgie-welcome apt package.

UB by default has budgie-welcome as a snap package already installed.

I have that message as well. I thought the same thing as Kibu, that Ubuntu budgie was forcing down snaps on us.
In any case, I’ve held back snapd to prevent it from happening.

At the very least, this is confusing.

how is it confusing? You decided to install the apt package - its telling you the application is now only available as a snap and giving you a choice whether to install the snap.

That’s fair - your decision; nobody is forcing you to install a snap - nothing is automatically installing the snap without your input.

Look at the message. It tells you you need to install the snap package and remove the other package for your installation to be complete. Which means your installation won’t be complete if you don’t install the snap.

But you said everything can be installed via a ppa. So yes, it’s confusing or contradictory.

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Politely disagree - its neither confusing nor contradictory.

Its very clear and precise - You installed the package. What we could have done is install the snap without any input from you. Now that would be both confusing and very contradictory as to what you were thinking would be installed.

Because it suggests actual situation is not optimal and needs to be « upgraded » without explanation
( a quite bad habit in snap world ).

It should say something like :

« UB Welcome also exists as a snap package.
The snap package is eventually more up to date.
Keeping the .deb is safe though.
Do you want to replace your actual .deb package by the snap ?
By clicking yes an automatic reboot will complete the installation.
[ yes | no ] »

As I said - I’ll have to politely disagree with you.

We don’t have to agree nor disagree : the fact this discussion exists proves it’s confusing.

It’s just an obvious matter of wording.

⋅ « complete the installation » → suggests actual installation is not complete,
⋅ no explanation why using the snap might be better ( more up to date ? ),
⋅ nothing to say keeping the actual .deb is also safe.

You are missing the context @Coeur-Noir - the budgie-welcome package which is a manual install actually doesn’t have any practical use other than to complete the full installation as a snap. Its not a question of being safe since there isn’t any actual app.

As to the discussion is moot - I’m not changing the message. The welcome app is simply there as a discovery item so that users who come to budgie-desktop not from UB has a route to installing the full welcome app.

OK, I missed it.

So there is no such thing as a budgie-welcome .deb package ?

So people who don’t want to use snap for whatever reasons can not enjoy budgie-welcome.

Anyway then the wording is still confusing, sorry, why mentioning some package needs to be removed ?

« UB welcome is now a snap package. Do you want to install it ?
By clicking [ no ] you won’t enjoy Budgie Welcome
but you’ll still be able to install budgie-applets using a package manager.
[ yes | no ] »

Sure it’s no poetry but at least user has some insight to decide,
and no fear to miss anything if chosing [ no ].

I have completely removed snap from the system. budgie-welcome is located in /usr/bin. By default snap apps are not linked into /usr/bin. When you call it, you get the message I posted above. Also there is no other budgie-welcome application you can install via apt install…
Tried to uninstall budgie-welcome. The result is something like “chromium-browser must be installed again…”. Ubuntu uses chromium to manage its snap stuff. Again, when you install BU you will not be asked if you want to have a snap-free version or not. This makes sence, snap is part of Ubuntu system and not of the UI part. Canonical forces you to use snap for some reason: read this on ‘The Register’.
On ubuntu.pkgs.org I found this:

A welcome screen for Ubuntu Budgie that provides links to helpful
resources and utilities. For new user accounts and a live-session
the welcome application displays information about Ubuntu,
budgie-desktop together with presenting options to tailor the look
and feel of the user’s desktop.
This installs a helper script for the user to install the SNAP
version of budgie-welcome to complete the installation of Ubuntu 18.04

I don’t want to start a snap discussion here.This is just for clearness. I now try to uninstall all snap related budgie stuff and install snap-free version if possible.

Correct - we no longer publish an apt based budgie-welcome. The snap we maintain is the correct choice for us to be as dynamic as we want to be.

But just to be clear, because it isn’t for me…

We can get the exact same result with individual packages in the ppa as if we had the snap installed, right?

And both will still be available in the future?

budgie-welcome is the front end allowing you to install various apt based and snap based packages.

It also has the desktop layouts front end.

So any apt based action you can obviously do yourself. Manual Desktop Layouts will not be possible without delving into dbus etc.

We’ll be adding other capabilities into welcome in the future as well.

dbus or dconf?

Do you have examples (a screenshot speaks a thousand word) of this desktop layouts front end? I’ve already laid it out the way I want (same as in my Gnome setup basically), is there any added value for me in that case? Do I miss some possibilities of configurations if I don’t have it?

dbus is the mechanism that desktop layouts uses to change layouts.

Do read the 20.04 release notes which has screenshots https://ubuntubudgie.org/2020/04/23/ubuntu-budgie-20-04-lts-released/

I thought you meant the dconf settings that budgie-welcome must change in a batch when applying the selected changes.

Anyway, thanks for the link, as a newcomer to budgie, I hadn’t given much attention to the release notes.

As I see it, there’s not much from budgie-welcome we can’t do with the Budgie desktop settings and apt/Synaptic/software manager.

It’s a nice fancy tool for Linux newbies though, and it certainly has its purpose, but as a power user I can live without it.

I have my answer, thanks.

Budgie Welcome is available only as a snap for better reactivity and updating. It’s UBudgie’s team choice by design.

There’s nothing you can’t achieve yourself in Budgie while not using Budgie Welcome at all.

Be aware though Chromium web browser is only available as snap in Ubuntu 20.04 and this is Canonical’s team choice.