Upgrade 20.04 to 22.04 very dark unusable desktop

Upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04 seemed to go without a hitch. On reboot, I can log in and lightdm screen is normal but the budgie desktop is almost completely black. If I move the mouse around, I can “almost” see a few of my icons in the plank dock at the bottom. I can’t even figure out how to log out properly. That being said, on a reboot, if I choose “ubuntu wayland” as my desktop, everything looks good but I don’t want that desktop. I created a new user just to see if I could log into the budgie desktop with a fresh set of settings but it is equally unusable, and I see some dark purple outline of what looks to be wallpaper. Although I do not have “ubuntu-desktop” installed, the other version of ubuntu available (xorg) is also so dark that nothing is usable. I do have a functioning environment with the “wayland” option for a basic ubuntu desktop, but it seems less of what I like using and it isn’t even the ubuntu desktop I like using. It seems like very standard gnome.

Hi and welcome.

This is likely to be the above issue. It is a problem with gnome’s x11 colour management.

Deleting the profile in budgie control center should fix this.

If you are lucky logging into gnome wayland and running Settings which is gnome control center will have the same colour management profile which you can delete

Found the profiles for my monitor and deleted them both. Yes, I am grateful I could log into a desktop. That being said, would the file be somewhere such that an individual who finds this cannot log into a desktop, it could be deleted or altered via terminal? I have not logged out yet as I am repairing/undoing some of my measures that I tried that did not resolve the issue. Will report back soon.

Sorry, no idea. Would love to know myself.

Well, here I am, typing from my Budgie desktop. Thanks. I so did not feel like “starting over” with an install.