All of my screens turn red after installing Ubuntu Budgie


I set up a dual boot of Ubuntu 22.04 with Win 11. My ultimate goal was to install Budgie but a direct install did not work. I read that Budgie was simply a set of repositories on top of Ubuntu.

After installing Budgie, all of the screens are red (Budgie and Ubuntu). I searched how to completely remove Budgie. I followed the instructions and it is still present and my screens are still green.

I have an Nvidia graphics card and an EVGA motherboard.

  • Can I fix the fix?

  • If not how can I completely uninstall Budgie so I can learn more about it and reinstall later?

  • Can/Will reinstalling Unbuntu 22.04 “cleanup” the problem and If so will all lose all the setup set steps. I had to do a lot of work to get my mouseand wifi adapter to work?

Thank you in advance.


Your issue is probably the same as this where gnome’s colour management isnt recognising your monitor correctly and applying the wrong profile.

Removing the profile should work for your setup