Dark Windows and Icons

Today, I installed Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 fresh from ISO. However, it boots up on a very dark screen. All the icons are dark, the windows are dark, and there is only a faint of color (red and blue). However all animations and windows move as it should.

Highly likely to be a color profile issue that is not being recognised correctly with your monitor/laptop screen. Removing the color profile should resolve this.

This did not work. I connected to an external monitor to see the display. However even my external monitor is showing the same.

Is it dark because the brightness is very low?

For laptops there is usually keys to alter the brightness up / down. For some machines the brightness applet available in welcome - budgie extras can used and be installed and added to your panel.

I reinstalled Ubuntu Budgie and now it works.

How very weird. But congrats on resolving