How to make top panel light again?

today i installed the ubuntu budgie update, & since then the top panel of the desktop is black. i have searched through the available themes and all the settings but cannot find a way to make it white or light coloured again.
i expected to find a setting to do this in the Budgie Desktop Settings window - there are settings for the Top Panel there where i can do all kinds of changes such as increasing its size or shifting it to the bottom, but there is no setting for the colour.
surely this is possible to change? it used to be white or light grey. i have tried all the different theme options and they all have a black top panel :frowning:

Can i ask what update did you install? Are you on 20.04 or 22.04?

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS & Budgie 10.6.1 - i just upgraded Budgie today.
& i’ve realised that it’s also turned the frames of other applications black - pdfs, libre office - they’ve now all got black frames to their windows. i guess this must be the theme, but i tried several.

ah! i found something that has helped - in the Desktop Settings in the Widgets dropdown, i changed it to High Contrast - i think this may have solved it :slight_smile:
(but weirdly difficult to find!)

Also look at this

For light themes you need to tweak the described gsettings key.

thanks very much for the fast and helpful answer :slight_smile: