Dark- Lightmode

Hi All,

I love Ubuntu with the Budgie desktop. But same as on other desktops there is a thing i would like to do, which is not altways that easy to to.
What i like to do is have my desktop in darkmode and at the same time some programs run in lightmode, such as LibreOffice an also FreeFileSync. The last one looks awfull in darkmode.

Is this possible to do in Ubuntu Budgie. I think it should, but i doen’t know how.

Kind regards.

You could always use the GTK_THEME=themename executablename method

So try that via a terminal. Once you have that working then for the apps you want to rin from the menu copy the .desktop file from /usr/share/applications to ~/.local/share/applications and edit the local .desktop file. Change the Exec= line to include the GTK_THEME override

@fossfreedom thanks for your quick answer.
Isn’t there a way to edit the budgie menu? And can you give me an example for instance for LibreOffice Calc?

You have menulibre installed by default to look at and edit .desktop files. Have a look at the entey for libreoffice.

Sorry … at the end of a phone…

There is a program “Menu Editor” that can be installed via “Software”. Just put the mentioned env GTK_THEME clause into the respective command line.