Getting back to light theme

Hi all,

please, let me say that I hate that ugly (imho) dark theme that seems to be so trendy nowadays! :grimacing:

So, I’ve installed and configured via Budgie-desktop-settings the (imho again) better Mojave-light theme and finally gedit and other applications came out clear. I’ve been, alas, in needing to use LibreOffice and … what a surprise! It was dark and for me - myopic, astigmatic and … over 40 so enjoying a bit of presbyopia too - a real nightmare.

I’ve somewhat fixed the problem adding in menu editor "env GTK_THEME=Mojave-light " to command but everytime I need an application that I don’t use so frequently (using mostly programming IDE and shell, here), it jumps up in dark theme! Worst, after a recent upgrade Evolution too came out in dark

I’m frankly tired to modify any command to get rid of that dark crap (imho as always) so I’m asking if there is a setting that overrides globally dark theme; I mean something like .profile file in which I can add once and forever the directive "env GTK_THEME=xxxx-light " to have my light GTK_THEME globally applied.


i.e. the gsettings trick as described in the above post

Thanks!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: