Global Dark Theme

Hello there,

I just installed Ubuntu Budgie on my new laptop. I have been interested in Linux for a while now, but never took the plunge. My laptop basically fell apart so I thought it was to switch to Linux. The installation went swimmingly and I am in love with the user interface. However, I unsure as to how to apply a global dark theme so that every application defaults to a dark color theme. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in an advance.


It’s best to use a dedicated dark theme rather than use the dark theme toggle in budgie desktop settings.

So for example in the list of themes you will find arc-dark or pocillo-dark … there are many other third party themes as well that can be downloaded from third party sites

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Pocilo-dark is the dark version of the default theme, right?

Correct. There are slim variants and light variants as well.

Also in menu - themes and layouts there are other themes you can apply e.g. plata. Plata-noir will also be installed which I know is a dark theme.