[SOLVED, love yall] Dark colors? Driver issue... not sure

Intel hd 3000 graphics
Hey, yesterday I tried fixing this “color” issue on my laptop and nothing worked, i end up speding 8+ hrs
the colors appear dark like the ORANGE logo of reddit seems RED, same with other stuff, discord blue logo looks kinda purple, and red looks even more red
Worst part is I dont even know whats wrong, and i tried changing all the color profiles, didnt notice anything except the blue screen profile colors

One Solution: colors are normal when I boot from recovery mode

Ubuntu: I didnt face this issue on the normal version of ubuntu, and today I am thinking to switch back to ubuntu or try something new like debian but i dont WANT to, I love budgie, this is how default ubuntu should be. However, if I wont be able to fix the problem, i will probably end up switching and i dont wanna do it… please help

EDIT: I didnt select install 3rd party stuff when i was installing budgie and clicked on continue but i remembered i will need it so i pressed back and selected it, dont know if this makes a difference
i also checked additional drivers, nothing there

Its likely to be a color mapping issue. Resolution as per Pulling my hair out trying to get rid of PINK background and buttons - FIXED