No onboard graphics/graphics drivers/ Blackscreen boot/ cant install

Hi, I’m new here and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. It seems that I’m having a bit of trouble installing ubuntu budgie as every time I attempt to try the distro my screen immediately gives me a clue it has stopped getting a signal. I believe my problems are due to drivers and the lack of onboard graphics. I’m just looking for a little help in getting myself up and running. Cheers.

Hi and welcome!

what version of UB are you installing?

What graphics card do you have?

Is this an external monitor connection? HDMI/Display Port/VGA connector?

Installing the latest 64bit version of UB.
I have an amd R9 380
Yes, this is a desktop with external monitor. Capable of HDMI, using VGA port.

19.04? If you use the “Safe Graphics” option when booting does this help?

Where might that option be located?

very first screen on boot


Perfect! that worked. Now I just have to find a way to get my usb internet adapter working and somehow unlock 800gb that is locked on my 3tb harddrive! loll thanks much. :slight_smile:

Well this is rather embarrassing, seems that after I have installed UB, the problem persists! Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Perhaps a executed line of code to start with that same safe graphics before launch?

If you press and hold shift on boot (or sometimes press Esc) your grub screen should appear.

Does it have the safe-graphics option?

Once you have booted in - double check in Additional Drivers if any graphics drivers are offered to you.

If they have not then please file a bug on launchpad - you shouldnt need to use safe-graphics all the time.

ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-radeon

Nope, there was no safe graphics options. just


as main startup option.

The screen was also gray instead of black.

k - you can press e to edit and add the word nomodeset after quiet splash


.... quiet splash nomodeset --


Press CTRL +X to exit and boot with that kernel option.

okay we’re in, now to fix the problem for good I have to install drivers for a wireless usb network adapter by the company wise tiger. I have the driver on a disk, but its install method was for Linux. I’m not sure how I should proceed. any suggestions?

Umm… sorry no idea. The USB adapters I have used in the past have been linux compatible and are automatically recognised by the kernel.

hmm okay, that could be an issue. alright then thanks for the help I appreciate you!