Issues with UB 22.04 screen tear


Upgraded yesterday from 21.10 to 22.04 and got following issue, which may or may not be Budgie specifically related, probably more an incompatibility of the laptops GPU with the kernel.

  1. screen tear - seen loads on Goggle relating too this and am going to suggest is kernel orientated?
    If on boot up I go back to previous kernel still running 22.04 though (when you do lsb_release) is fine but kernel 5.15.0-27 is tearing it up even when i have lowered the refresh rate, tried to add a file to the xorg.conf.d folder (all the stuff on google) basically. any ideas please?

Since you do not have this issue with the 21.10 kernel but running on 22.04 i would agree with your assessment that this needs to be resolved by the kernel maintainers.

Please file a bug report on launchpad

ubuntu-bug linux

Please give as much information about your system as you can. Hardware manufacturer, graphics card,screen type etc etc.

Do not link just to here otherwise bug triagers will not have all the info they need to understand.

Ok cool, assumed it might be with Ubuntu. Thanks