Change lock screen theme


I just installed Ubuntu Budgie and started to customize the look a bit. I applied a theme from the themes menu and changed my mouse cursor to one I didn’t like. So I went to the settings and changed the cursor, which works when I’m logged in but when log off it reverts to the theme cursor.
Is there any way to customize the lock/log in screen?

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did you ever get an answer on how to change the budgie unlock login screen? I don’t mind its color so much as I’d like to make it more translucent with rounded corners, if possible. Ty!

You can customize some settings like the GTK theme, the icons and more stuff with lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings.

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You may also use themes that provide elements for theming lightdm.

So themes found on may not match, as Gnome makes use of GDM as DM, not lightdm.

Searching for themes working evenly nice in unity+xfce+mate should bring the matching style to lightdm ( ? ? ? ).

For lock-screen… well… I don’t know how it’s handled by Budgie… but yes even with default settings lock-screen style does not really match login-screen’s one.

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Be advised - as I found - using the Lightdm gtk greeter may break some parts of Budgie in certain themes. Proceed with caution.

If you are feeling more ambitious than just theming there is this topic that may interest you!