Change lock screen wallpaper

I have seen several topics, which talk about changing the lock screen, for example putting the login screen in its place, but I think the lock screen there is fine, although I think that the solution of putting the lock screen starting again is the best but if at least I could change the background of the lock screen or that the background that I choose for my login screen is the same as the one that appears on the lock screen.

Err… not sure I have understood.

But as off UBudgie 20.04 it’s normal that lockscreen = desktop wallpaper, it’s set like this in that version of gnome-control-settings ( that serves your global settings in UBudgie ).

I don’t know if that can be changed. In previous versions of settings it was possible to set a different wallpaper for desktop and lockscreen.

Does it answer your question ?

Answer my question partially. I have a wallpaper on my desktop, and I have another wallpaper on my login, but when the screen locks, the wallpaper is the default, that is, lockscreen = default.
I do not know if there is any configuration as in previous versions, or if by default it should be the same wallpaper as the home screen, but it does not work like that for me.

So, do you confirm lockscreen = desktop wallpaper ?

Only your login screen is different.
This one can be changed through « lightdm settings » and be set to automatically follow user’s desktop wallpaper ( the full path to that wallpaper needs to be readable by anyone then ).

If you want something different only for lockscreen, I’m afraid it’s no longer possible - at least I don’t know how.

No, lockscreen is the default wallpaper at the time you install the system.
I change the wallpaper for the login in the application “Login Window”.
But I can’t change the wallpaper of the lock screen, if you could tell me how to do it by changing the lightdm settings, I would appreciate it.

Edit: It seems that although you cannot use the gnome extensions, you can install the application “Retouching” and use it, so install it and from there in the appearance tab you can change the background of the lock screen. I would also like to know the method you were telling me about the lightdm configuration, but at least I have already managed to change it. And it is also something that would be good if it were already by default in the system. or unless the desktop wallpaper or the login screen is the same as the lock screen.

Mmm… lightdm settings allows changing the login screen not the lock screen.

By default I think lock screen should be the same as desktop background but I may be wrong about that ( ? ).

Where is stored your actual desktop background ? Make sure the whole path to this picture can be read by anyone ( the whole path should be rwxr-xr-x ).

… that’s one scary wallpaper ! :slight_smile:

correct - it is

But you can have different desktop and lockscreen wallpapers with a bit of poking around - use dconf-editor and fiddle with this schema & key


Indeed - for the path in dconf editor ( but my cat is cute, not scary, lol )

I don’t remember changing anything there though. But maybe I did.

You are right I tried to put a background of the ones that the system has by default and the same background appears for the lock screen.
My problem was that I downloaded a photo from the internet and placed it in the folder of Images in the user folder and then I right clicked and set it as desktop background, it is clear that that works badly since it should also be set as background of screen on the lock screen, but hey at least I already know how to set the background correctly.

Hi Hekhy,

Apologies, but I am somewhat new to the Budgie Desktop. Can you tell me where to download the “Retouching” application mentioned in your post that will allow me to change the background of my lock screen? Thanks in advance.