Tweaks not working as expected

I defined these two images for wallpaper and lock screen, but none of them are showed when I logout

wallpaper works fine
lock screen also
but, when I logged out, there is a black background
the other accounts displays their own wallpapers which where set with variety ( I didn’t enable it on my profile)

well, it may be is not tweaks issue

Tweaks is specifically for GNOME Shell - so I’m not surprised that things like this are not working under budgie

I got no problem when I used to use 18.04, now I’m on 20.04
“nuevito de paquete”

As far as I understand it - 18.04 gnome-shell used gnome-screensaver which budgie uses as well.

Under 20.04 - gnome shell uses its own lock screen so tweaks probably has been modified to use that specifically.

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got it, may be I just remove tweaks jeje


Yes you can remove (gnome-)tweaks.
Before removing it, maybe reset options to their default values.

It’s of no use in Budgie-desktop.

You’ll find many options in :
⋅ Budgie-desktop-settings
⋅ Settings
⋅ Login window
which are parts of your default Ubuntu Budgie installation.

great, done

but one thing, I cannot select a different wallpaper for lock screen neither in budgie-desktop-settings nor settings

and I can live with that till next release, jaja


I don’t know if you caught this in @Coeur-Noir’s reply, or tried it, but in regards to your initial post, the login window wallpaper is set in “Login Window” mentioned in the reply, not settings, budgie-desktop-settings or even tweaks. There are actually 3 different wallpapers you can set - desktop, lock, and login. I actually do have tweaks right now for the sole purpose of this (easily setting a different lock screen and desktop wallpaper.) If I remember correctly, 19.10 at least used to let me select different wallpapers from the Background settings, but not 20.04.

But even still, you still need to use the Login Window app to change the login wallpaper.

I should also mention, I only have one login, so that also may be why it works fine for me.

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finally! I found all places to make the changes
now everything is ok

thanks again

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