"Open" greyed out while trying to change my wallpaper (Budgie 24.04)

So this is my first time trying out Budgie (running Budgie 24.04) as I am coming form other flavors of Ubuntu. Naturally one of the first few things I wanted to do is have my own wallpapers set. So i did the usual right click on desktop, to access the wallpaper changing stuffs. For some odd reason though, the button to Add/Open the wallpaper is greyed out.

I posted pictures to show what I am seeing.

I was able to eventually use gThumb to change my wallpaper, but my wallpaper isn’t persistent across lock and login windows.

This is a known issue caused by extra security in 24.04

Once this SRU completes its process, this will be resolved. I can confirm the same fix is on oracular and it resolves this add picture issue.