Custom image refuse to change login background Ubuntu Budgie 22.04.3

Hi there! I’m fairly new to Linux. I’m customizing the appearance of my new Ubuntu Budgie 22.04.3, but I’m encountering a problem when switching to a downloaded wallpaper. However, if I revert to the lock screen background from the login window app, located at ‘/usr/share/backgrounds/Xplo_by_Hugo_Cliff.png,’ which came with the system, it works perfectly. But when I try to switch back to the pictures folder where I have my own images, it refuses to change the wallpaper, although it does select the background color. How can I fix this issue?

Hi and welcome

security controls is involved here.

Your home folder by default is not accessible to anything but yourself. lightdm which is the login window is a user - so only can see files accessible to that user - which happens to be everything in /usr/share/backgrounds.

Because you have saved the downloaded wallpaper in your Home Picture folder - lightdm cannot see the picture so reverts to its defaults.

Save the picture in /usr/share/backgrounds/unknoxx and then you can set the wallpaper via the login settings window.

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Thank you. I was able to copy the file using ‘sudo cp -r “Anime collection/” /usr/share/backgrounds/’. I now have my favorite lock screen background. I’m trying to get used to CLI. It works, but I’m unsure if this method of copying is the best way. :thinking: